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Give your greens a lift with GreensPerfection greens mower brushes! GreensPerfection's patented design outperforms other brushes!

(US patent # 8,683,778 B2)

    • The best method for reducing grain and orienting the leaf blades in a vertical position for a superior cut.  Brushes are currently being used with great success on greens, tees, fairways and approaches. 
    • GreensPerfection brushes have been used in several major USGA Championships as well as many PGA tour events.
    • Used for over 10 years on some of the best golf courses in America.
    • 12 to 16 rows of bristles, for the very highest brushing frequency. 
    • Brushing provides a lower actual height of cut (HOC) and allows you to have a higher bench setting and still achieve the desired green speeds.
    • Combines mowing and brushing into one easy step. No need for a big, heavy separate brushing unit.
    • Brush is offered in different stiffnesses for Superintendent’s preference or brushes can be *custom ordered to fit individual needs. 
    • GreensPerfection brushes have been golf course tested for 3 years using an equal offset pattern that produces a true vertical lifting action. Unlike helical patterns that can produce a directional push or bias.
    • University tested and proven safe on ALL turf surfaces, while providing much more lift than groomers.
    • The brush is located 2 to 3 inches in front of the bedknife, not ahead of the front roller, for maximum lift and immediate cutting of grass blades. 
    • Brushing can provide a dramatic striping of the green surface as well as creating an overall finer leaf texture and canopy tightness.
    • A Great tool for off-season grain control, without injuring turf.
    • Reverse rotation will pick up large sand particles and throw many of them into the front basket providing for a cleaner green. 
    • Also available for all John Deere greens mowers, Tee mowers, and fairway mowers.
    • Easy to set height of the brush accurately with Accu-Gage groomer gauge

    * Custom orders available only through GreensPerfection.